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Sines Tecnopolo, as part of its Innovation and Knowledge segment, has undertaken, throughout its existence, a series of cooperative projects, co-financed or as a service provider, using for this work its team’s know-how or its network of partners and/or associates.

The main goals are to promote and serve as an element of convergence between the industry and the academic field, boosting the development of projects through partnerships as well as enabling the access to shared services, having its focus on the Blue Economy in recent years.

Projetos em execução

Undergoing Projects


Project designation | Startup Zero

Project Code | POCI-03-33B5-FSE-072556

Support under the Incentive System | 01/SIAC/2020 - Support System for Collective Actions - Promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit

Main objective | OT 8 – Promote sustainability and quality of employment and support labor mobility

Intervention Region | North, Center and Alentejo

Beneficiary Entities | BLC3 Association - Technology and Innovation Campus; CECOLAB Association - Collaborative Laboratory Towards Circular Economy; TAGUSVALLEY - Association for the Promotion and Development of the Vale do Tejo Technopole; Sines Tecnopolo - Vasco da Gama Incubation Center Association of Technologically Based Companies; SANJOTEC - Scientific and Technological Association

Approval Date | 02-23-2021

Start Date | 01-04-2021

Completion Date | 06-30-2023

Total Eligible Cost | €844,450.25

European Union Financial Support | ESF - €717,782.72

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results
StartUp Zero is an innovation and entrepreneurship project focused on the transition to the circular economy that combines the acceleration of circular business models by design to create market value, with the empowerment of consumers, beginning with young secondary school students.

Visit the project´s website >




The main focus of the Atlazul project is to identify challenges and opportunities, setting up networks that promote cross-border expertise in terms of Blue Growth. To develop innovations in the Blue Economy sector, creating procedures related to the metabolic processes that provide new solutions with digital support. and the improvement of terrestrial and marine knowledge.


The Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion, and the participation of Galicia, intends to deepen opportunities by promoting Blue Growth policies that explore the synergies created from effective relationships between different sectors operating the field: fisheries, aquaculture, marine renewable energies, ports, shipping services, coastal tourism and shipping, biotechnology and also the marine coastal environment.

This general focus will reinforce the scientific excellence of the Cross-Border Cooperation Area through its link to issues of great international projection and European priority, such as: digital solutions for the problem of metabolic processes in the marine and maritime-terrestrial environment.

​Co-financed by the Interreg VA Spain-Portugal program, POCTEP, Operational Program for Cross-border Cooperation Spain-Portugal, Atlazul is a project led by the General Secretariat for External Action (SGAE) of the Council Presidency, Public Administration, and Interior of the Junta of Andalusia.


The consortium for this project consists of Andalusia and Galicia, the Andalusian Agency for the Management of Agriculture and Fisheries (AGAPA), the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia (APPA), the Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (IFAPA), the Public Tourism and Tourism Management Company. , SA, Andalusian Agency for External Promotion (EXTENDA), Campus of International Excellence for the Sea (CEIMAR), Andalusia Maritime-Marine Cluster (CMMA), Aquaculture Technological Center Foundation (CTAQUA), Marine Research Institute (IIM), Sea Research Center (CETMAR). In Portugal and in particular in the Alentejo and Algarve region, the University of Évora, University of Algarve, DOCAPESCA Portos e Lotas, SA, Sines Tecnopolo, the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), Commission for the Coordination and Regional Development of Alentejo (CCDR Alentejo) and the Algarve Regional Development and Coordination Commission (CCDR Algarve).



Project Designation |  Hiring process of highly qualified human resources (SME or CoLAB)


Project Code | ALT20-05-3559-FSE-000057


Main Objective | Assuring the essential conditions for Sines Tecnopolo's expertise as a Maritime Based Technological Incubator, while significantly improving conditions for the development of products and services within the scope of Blue Economy in the medium term (3 to 5 years).


Intervention Region | Alentejo


Promoters | Sines Tecnopolo – Associação Centro de Incubação de Empresas de Base Tecnológica Vasco da Gama


Approval Date | 04/06/2020


Start Date | 02/09/2020


Completion Date | 31/03/2023


Total Eligible Cost | 96 678,8€


European Union Financial Support  | European Social Fund: 83 026.98€


National / Regional Financial Support | Government Budget: 14 651.82€


Goals, activities and expected results:

Creating a job for a highly qualified human resource​



The Alentejo Azul project - Sea and Water Resources Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, aims to support, encourage and bolster the development of innovative technological and creative companies that aim to establish themselves in the sea and water field in the Alentejo region.

This project consists on the creation and implementation of a structuring and integrated program that aims to develop and consolidate technological and creative start-ups in the strategic sectors of the thematic domains designated in the RIS3 of Alentejo 2020, or in the sectors of activity that are associated to national aggregating strategies, of regional relevance, such as the "Expertise Economy", the "Creative Economy", the "Green Economy" or the "Blue Economy".


Specifically, it aims to encourage action on the theme of the sea and water resources field, materializing itself in a program that helps the development of new companies and supports the business innovation in the sector, with integrated actions that promotes strong partnerships, intending to assert itself as a national reference for the blue economy sector internationally.

This initiative aims to boost entrepreneurship targeted at activities and sectors with strong growth dynamics in technology, knowledge and creativity, in particular it targets the support of start-ups and spin-offs, as privileged vehicles for the incorporation of technology and knowledge in the regional economic sector.

Alentejo Azul is promoted by ADRAL and Sines Tecnopolo, with co-financing by the European Regional Development Fund under the ALENTEJO 2020 program.

Visit the project´s website >

Alentejo Azul


The main objective of the project is to promote the internationalization of Alentejo Nautical Stations (Lago de Alqueva - Moura, Reguengos de Monsaraz and Sines), within the scope of the RIS3 Alentejo, through:

- Encouraging innovative collective initiatives, through the development of collaborative processes and knowledge sharing for internationalization;
- Development of innovative mechanisms for prospecting, knowledge and access to new international markets;
- International promotion of tourist destinations associated with Nautical Stations in Alentejo.

This project aims at the joint international promotion and promotion of nautical stations in the Alentejo, stimulating the increase of exports of the companies integrated in them, through the increase of international tourist revenues.

The whole project is based on the creation of international awareness and visibility of the Alentejo brand, contributing with this to make tourism in the Alentejo region more competitive.

This project is promoted by Sines Tecnopolo and ADRAL, with co-financing by the European Structural and Investment Funds of the ALENTEJO 2020 program.

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Internacionalizar EN


The “Entre Nós-E8G” Project aims to promote Art and Sport as a way of inclusion for children from 6 to 25 years old coming from vulnerable socio-economic contexts.

It has actions that enhance participation and citizenship, volunteering and contribution to the pursuit of goals inherent to the policy of gender equality and opportunities.

The project consortium has the Municipality of Sines as the promoting entity and Sines Tecnopolo as its manager. The partners are the following:  Agrupamento de Escolas de Sines, a Escola Secundária Poeta Al Berto, a CPCJ de Sines, a ESPIGA – Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social, a Contra-Regra / Teatro do Mar, a Litoral Alentejano Solidário, o Vasco da Gama Atlético Clube, a Associação Pró Artes de Sines, a Associação Desportiva + Inclusão e Associação Mais para a Juventude Sineense.

The “Entre Nós - E8G” project results from the application to the Program “Escolhas” and is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the POISE - Operational Program Social Inclusion and Employment / Portugal 2020.

For more information about the “Entre Nós - E8G” project please contact:



The main goal of this project is the promotion of entrepreneurship through the increase of innovation resolve, training and competitive essence of existing companies and the creation of new companies linked to the blue economy.


The AQUA + project aims to develop training and co-participation activities, involving existing companies, entrepreneurs and youngsters, in order to develop skills that increase the competitiveness of players related to the aquatic environment of the territory, supporting the development of an innovative to action strategies that encourages entrepreneurial skills in young students, promoting the attitude and awareness of potential career opportunities linked to the blue economy. This project is part of the community-based local development plan for the Alentejo Litoral.


The project is co-financed by Mar 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.




The BASEPOINT project aims to validate the performance of a new power-take-off module philosophy for wave energy powered devices.

This module consists on the development of a turbine developed in the context of the "Symphony" device by the Dutch company Teamwork Technology, partner to the BASEPOINT project. In addition to validating the characteristics of the turbine, the behavior of the electrical components will also be validated and controlled to optimize different operating regimes.

The project also includes the design of a cocoon for the conversion module so that it can be integrated into a submerged device. This project is seen as the first step towards the development and implementation of Symphony technology in a Holland and Portugal partnership.

The BASEPOINT project is a collaboration of the company in2sea with Mecwide and Sines Tecnopolo, co-financed by the Blue Fund program.

Learn more >


Escola Azul

The “Blue School” project aims to distinguish and motivate Portuguese schools that have works related to the ocean, to actively engage in training young people, adding to a greater ocean literacy within and outside the classroom, believing this new conscience will reflect on social behaviors.

The “Blue School” project is coordinated by the General Administration for Marine Policy along with the scientific support of the Ciência Viva Institution. Sines Tecnopolo has the role of regional coordinator for the Alentejo region.

A Blue School develops an educational project that promotes a better knowledge of the ocean and its influence on our lives and our own impact on the ocean.


The project relies on partnerships between schools and different players surrounding the ocean field, highlighting distinctive perspectives surrounding ocean literacy. It is aimed at educational institutions, public or private, that want to develop or are developing projects related to the ocean.

Visit the project´s website >

ESPOBAN - Rede de Business Angels Espanha-Portugal​

The main goal of Project ESPOBAN is to develop and promote access to private investment in the Spanish and Portuguese business projects, so that these initiatives have the possibility of obtaining funding through national and international investors.

The project aims to encourage entrepreneurship, consolidate business projects, increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurial initiatives and, therefore, result in the reduction of unemployment, achieved through the increase of private funding to new ideas and business projects.


The Business Angels Network of Spain - Portugal aims to:

- Offer an investment alternative to business projects in the development phase;

- Focus investment possibilities;

- Provide an experience platform that benefits both investors and entrepreneurs;

- Encourage the demand for private funding through promotional actions;

- Improve the quality and reliability of information flows between the investor and the entrepreneur.


The project is being developed in the western provinces of Andaluzia, Huelva, Seville, Cadiz and Cordoba in Spain represented by CEEI Bay of Cadiz, Diputación de Huelva, Diputación de Córdoba and Prodetur de Diputación de Sevilla ,the Algarve and Alentejo regions in Portugal is represented by ANJE and SINES TECNOPOLO.

The ESPOBAN project is financed by INTERREG V A - Spain-Portugal (POCTEP), which aims to promote the access to private investments to private companies and entrepreneurs from the Algarve, Alentejo and Andaluzia regions.

Visit the project´s website >



The FOCOMAR project aims to promote cooperation between ports and the business community in the regions part of the FOCOMAR project, in order to improve business competitiveness through innovation in logistics and small enterprises.


- Reporting of the current offer and supply of short distance shipping services

- Understand the demand of companies that offer this types of services

- Standardize cooperation and operational behaviour, according to the needs of the business community, with the goal to improve the transportation of cargo to inter-model services

- Ally land and sea transport by promoting collaboration between different transport agents

- Efficiently inform the advantages of Short Distance Sea Shipping Services

The FOCOMAR project has the goal to improve competitiveness in the logistics and maritime transport sector, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) and the Interreg V-A Espana-Portugal Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020.

Visit the project´s website >


The SPEED TAlent project aims to promote the use of the synergies, skills and capacity of institutions that integrate the regional innovation ecosystem, project partners, to promote qualified and creative entrepreneurship in the Alentejo region.

For this purpose, it has the following operational objectives:

- Creation of a direct service network with the future entrepreneurs and promoters of innovative projects based on medium and medium-high technology;

-Consolidate the work already done by each partner in the area of stimulation of entrepreneurial spirit, reinforcing work in partnership, in direct support to qualified and creative entrepreneurship;

- Increase the skills of the partners' technicians on the project theme;

- Promote and disseminate the theme of entrepreneurship and stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives linked to more technological areas;

- Encourage the creation of technology-based companies in Alentejo, using the incubators of some of the partners;

- Attract entrepreneurs for the region, supporting the creation and installation of technology-based companies;

- Implement at regional level initiatives that promote the generation of innovative ideas, and the creation of new companies;

- Promote the transfer of science and technology from knowledge centers to companies, bringing together higher education institutions, young students and companies.

INALENTEJO – Sines Turismo Industrial Sustentável


The Industrial Tourism project in Sines is created from a collaborative culture, networking, complementarity between different sectors and fields of expertise and mutual appreciation between the participating organizations context, pursuing the sustainable development of the territory.

With several partners involved (Sines’ Municipality, Galp, Sines’ Port Authority, EDP, DocaPesca, REN Polytechnic Institute of Beja, SME’s, among others), this project has the purpose of promote the interaction between industry, culture, tourism and the territory, contributing for the sustainable development, namely of tourism, for the promotion of the population’s life standards and the assertion of the excellence of the territory as a touristic destination.

This project was born from an earlier project named “Aportar Sines”, ongoing and leaded by Sines’ Municipality, that comes from an investigative work developed for a doctoral thesis, that has the objectives of creating and capacitating a network of organizations for the branding of industrial facilities and resources as touristic products and simultaneously develop a platform that features the estate connected to the industry in Sines and that allows the realization of virtual and in-site tours.


Visit the project's website >

Projetos concluídos

completed projects

RCI – Cooperation Network for Internationalization

Consisted on the diagnosis of 60 SME in terms of their conditions state of development to access their ability to undertake processes of internationalization, through business acceleration processes, allowing them to export by providing them with proposals of improvement, as well as by providing solutions according to their specific needs. Based on the diagnosis, a set of strategies and actions were executed in order to allow the alignment and promotion of the SME’s internationalization initiatives.

Project executed by Sines Tecnopolo and promoted by Sines Business Association.


Dates _ 2013 - 2015

Budget _ 123.695€

Executed Budget _ 123.695€

Project Implementation Rate _ 100%




This project main goal is to promote and support entrepreneurship, so that a sustainable development model can be achieved in the blue economy sector, based on cooperation and innovation increase in the resulting area. It’s developed from the applicability of TICE on production processes, increasing its efficiency and sustainability and building on the goals for the National Strategy for the Sea and regional / national strategies for smart expertise / RIS3.


Starting on September 2017 and finishing on August 2019, it’s co-financed by the Program COMPETE 2020 under the System for Supporting Collective Actions - Promotion of Entrepreneurship, involving an eligible investment of 703,000€, that ensued in an FEDER incentive of 598,000€.


Led by Inova-Ria, partnering with Forum Oceano, ACIFF, NERLEI, and SINES TECNOPOLO.



- Assist and support the emergence of new companies focused on medium-high activity and / or technology, aligned with the real and specific needs of an established business in the blue economy;

- Prepare entrepreneurs for the challenges of starting a new activity and launching it on the market;

- Promotion, growth and international affirmation of technology-based entrepreneurship in the blue economy.

Visit the project´s website >



This project aims to promote the social inclusion of children and young adults from vulnerable socio-economic contexts, fortifying the importance of equal opportunities and social cohesion.


The project includes activities related to the sea, with the purpose of promoting the inclusion and social awareness of young people from 6 to 25 years of age, aiding in their personal, social and entrepreneurial development so that they can find and build their life path.


The consortium of this project is lead by the Municipality of Sines as the promoter and Sines Tecnopolo as the executing entity. The partners associated in the consortium are the Association of Artisanal Fishing of the Vicentine Coast in Sines, the Resgate association, the Cape Verdean Sines and Santiago do Cacém Association, the Sines School Association, the Poeta Al Berto Secondary School and the Sines CPCJ.


The "ENTRE NÓS - E7G" project results from the application to the Program Escolhas and is co-financed by the European Social Fund under the POISE - Operational Program of Social Inclusion and Employment / Portugal 2020.


Project Designation | “ALENTEJO EXPORTAR MELHOR | Valuing the Resources of the Alentejo Region”

Project Code | ALT20-01-0752-FEDER-000008

Main Objective | Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Intervention Region | Baixo Alentejo – Beja / Central Alentejo – Évora / Alto Alentejo – Portalegre / Coastal Alentejo – Sines

Beneficiary Entities | Leading Promoter NERBE/AEBAL – Associação Empresarial do Baixo Alentejo e Litoral. Co-promoters: NERE – Núcleo Empresarial da Região de Évora, NERPOR – Núcleo Empresarial da Região de Portalegre e Sines Tecnopolo – Associação Centro de Incubação de Empresas de Base Tecnológica Vasco da Gama Companies Vasco da Gama

Approval Date | 2015-11-06

Start Date | 08-09-2015

Completion Date | 2017-09-07

Total Eligible Cost | €499,403.89

European Union Financial Support | €424,493.31

Private Financial Support | €74,910.58

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:

The main objective of the project is to enhance the success of the internationalization of SMEs in the region through better knowledge of the markets and to stimulate collective initiatives of inter-company cooperation for the internationalization of goods and services produced in the Region, based on the Specialization Domains of RIS3 Alentejo .

This operation will affect 4 international markets and 8 sectors (1) Agro-Food-Wine (2) Agro-Food-Olive Oil (3) Agro-Food-Meat and Sausages (4) Agro-Food-Others (5) Tourism (6) Sea (7) Energies and (8) Other Goods and Services.

The ALENTEJO EXPORTAR MELHOR Project | Valuing the Alentejo Region's Resources follows the good results achieved in Operation Alentejo 2015 Exportar+ (ALENT-07-0828-FEDER-001943), carried out within the scope of INALENTEJO 2007-2013, from the need to respond to the objectives of the typology 'Internationalization ' of the SIAC, as well as a set of market failures identified in the main strategies of the Alentejo region (PO Alentejo 2020 and RIS3Alentejo), and also in the Regional Action Plan for Alentejo 2020 (PAR Alentejo 2020), in terms of the Internationalization of economic activities in the region, namely:

  • Stimulate inter-business cooperation;

  • Inducing dynamics of internationalization in the business fabric;

  • Diversify export markets.

Thus, 5 Actions were defined, which are embodied in a set of activities that will allow responding to the problems mentioned above.

Expected results: Increase in international business volume in the companies in the operation, target to be achieved: 4.5%.


Visit the project's website >

Corredor Azul – FEE: Energetic Efficiency Fund

The Energetic Efficiency Fund project was based upon six different activities with specific tasks in order to achieve the main objective: assess the quality of the energetic systems of a focus group of houses, in order to put to practice not only to implement the model but also to disseminate the practice of qualifying the degree of energetic efficiency of each house. In that way, of the six main activities, four are related to the Fund’s dynamic and two are related to issues of coordination and evaluation.

The applied methodology is divided between two main phases: the first, of communication, promotion and raising awareness to the subject generally, followed by the implementation, featured by the realization of the surveys and the study, applied to a sample of 500 houses in Sines. In the second phase the individual reports were made for each house, which were compiled into a general report that featured the housing of the Municipality of Sines.

It’s crucial to refer that the adopted methodology was focused on the completion of the main goals, in order to guarantee that all the deliverables were matched, namely in terms of the studies presented, more specifically the presentation of the 500 studies.

This project was executed by Sines Tecnopolo and promoted by the Municipality of Sines.


Dates _ 2011 - 2014

Budget _ 205.000€

Executed Budget _ 205.000€

Project Implementation Rate _ 100%

Blue Corridor - FAT: Fostering Technology Absorption


Preparation of a diagnosis for each member company, which will assess its technological conditions and present corrective measures that allow a requalification of the activity and business of the respective company, enhancing its productivity and competitiveness.


At the end of the process, an individual report was prepared for each company, delivered to the respective entrepreneur/manager free of charge, and containing corrective measures that allowed the company's activity and processes to be requalified, reinforcing its productivity and competitiveness.


Project executed by Sines Tecnopolo and promoted by the Municipality of Sines


Dates _  2011 - 2014

Budget _ €290,000

Executed Budget _ €290,000

Execution Rate _ 100%

Corredor Azul – Entrepreneurship in School

Within the Corredor Azul network (cross-sector cooperation project between the Municipalities of Sines, Santiago do Cacém, Vendas Novas, Montemor-o-Novo, Arraiolos, Évora, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa and Elvas), Sines Tecnopolo was charged with the execution of the “Empreender na Escola” (Entrepreneurship in School), with the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship in 12 shools through and entrepreneurship education program that, in 300 students from the 9th and 10th grade, helped develop entrepreneurial skills.

“Empreender na Escola” was based on the concept of creating a business in the classroom and had the students manage their “company” throughout the year. It wasn’t a formal creation but the students simulated all the creation and management process. The students, as company owners, made real transactions with real money. The “company” created in the classroom made business with another “company” in order to exchange products among them. The imported products were sold on the local market and the results analysis was made, allowing for the profit distribution as in a real company.

This project was executed by Sines Tecnopolo and promoted by Sines’ Municipality


Dates _ 2011 - 2013

Budget _ 227.250€

Executed Budget _ 227.250€

Project Implementation Rate _ 100%

INTERREG IV C – EIBT SUDOE: Transnational cooperation for the generation and development of knowledge-based spin-offs (KBC) and their integration into the economy of the SUDOE area

Improve the business monitoring systems for the creation and development of Knowledge-Based Spin-offs in the regions of the SUDOE area. The goal was to contribute to a substantial increase in the creation and development of new knowledge-based companies and their integration into the regional and transnational markets.

With that in mind, we can say that this project served the following purposes:

  • Transform the SUDOE region into an innovative economic area, narrowing the existing gap with respect to other spaces in the European Union;

  • Obtain the maximum advantage from the effort carried out in recent years in SUDOE regions as regards the creation of R&D infrastructure, optimizing the results obtained;

  • Contribute to the creation and growth of KBC by generating high technology content business activities and incorporating them to the traditional economic fabric;

  • Improve the support methodology for identifying, creating and developing spin-offs, so as to obtain better results, both quantitative –number of companies created and of research results transformed into profitable innovations– and qualitative –spin-offs with better skilled promoters, better financing and greater development potential;

  • Help spin-offs to develop and blend in with the regional and transnational economic network;

  • Develop a “KBC community of the SUDOE” to facilitate the relationship of these companies among each other and with the pre-existing economic network, as well as enhancing interregional and transnational cooperation;

  • Contribute to a more innovative economic fabric through cooperation between KBC and companies throughout the entire SUDOE region.

Dates _ 2010 - 2013

Budget _ 100.000€

Executed Budget _ 107.990€

Project Implementation Rate _ 108%

Projecto M - Women Entrepreneurs


Promote and support women’s entrepreneurship with the purpose of creating of their own job, promote associations and creation of networks, favoring self-employment, business capacity and the participation of women in business development.

Project M is a women entrepreneur’s support program that has as its main purpose to enable 12 women to succeed in their business projects, aiding in the definition of the same and providing the necessary and most adequate tools for the sustained development of their companies.


Know more >

SIAC – Network Innovation

To contribute for the promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the promotion and support to industrial property processes through a set of activities that, in a coherent and cooperative way, serve the purpose of making the Beira Interior, Médio Tejo and Litoral Alentejano regions more entrepreneurial and competitive.

During its realization, several activities were undertaken (workshops, seminars, idea labs, among others) with students from schools in Sines and Beja. We worked with students with different profiles, namely from vocational schools, standard schools, universities or IEFP training courses.


Dates _ 2009 - 2013

Budget _ 158.707,23€

Executed Budget _ 122.698,24€

Project Implementation Rate _ 77%

NTERREG IV C – TRACC: Road Building Technics Adapted to Climate Change

Develop and disseminate know-how related to road building technics adapted to climate change in the SUDOE territory. Te project is about knowing, testing, comparing and developing different sustainable technics for the road transport sector to apply in the 3 countries that participate in the project.

In order to achieve that main goal, TRACC begins, in the first phase, from a study and analysis of the current practices in terms of road building technics adapted to climate changes in the SUDOE area, from a technical, environmental and economical stand point. In a second phase, it was analyzed a series of experimental constructions already done and was put to practice in new constructions in order to compare the attained results.

This results allowed the elaboration of a series of studies of form and viability, as well as social, economic and environmental impact studies that comes from the continued use of road building technics adapted to climate changes in all the SUDOE area.

Finally, made possible by the results attained from the previous phases of the project, a support guide was created to aid, in the decision making process regarding the technics and ecologically viable products, the road management authorities. The main expected result was that the decision makers in terms of transport and road building within the SUDOE area, take more into account the standards for sustainable development in their sector of activity.


Visit the project´s website >


Dates _ 2009 - 2013

Budget _ 128.600€

Executed Budget _ 128.600€

Project Implementation Rate _ 100%

PROVERE – Alentejo Litoral e Costa Vicentina

This project consisted in the creation of a training program built for the populations from the Alentejo Litoral and the Costa Vicentina, in order to prepare the local stakeholders, directly or indirectly connected with the touristic sector, for the development of this area in the mentioned territories, profiting directly from the process itself. This profit would come from the occupation of jobs created by the touristic promotors but mostly from self-employment, with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

The main goal was to qualify the human resources of the south-west region of Portugal (Alentejo Litoral and Costa Vicentina) direcly and indirectly connected to tourism in order to build skill-sets that enable the local populations to be good hosts and simultaneously benefiting from the process of touristic development.


This project had as main goals the promotion of entrepreneurship among qualified youth and creation of technological based companies, the promotion of entrepreneurship among university investigators and the promotion of technology transfer from the universities to companies, as well as the creation of a support service to aid in the creation of technology based companies (idea development, research, market testing, company creation process, training of professionals and organizations in the promotion of entrepreneurship, creating new financing mechanisms, creation of an acceleration service for technology based companies), as well as to encourage a cooperation, partnership and sharing spirit between technology based start-ups as a tool for development, creating informal focus groups from the entrepreneurs.


Dates _ 2009

Budget _ 6.253,22€

Executed Budget _ 4426,22€

Project Implementation Rate _ 62%

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