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Having has its primary goal supporting the economic development of the Sines Ecosystem, Sines Tecnopolo provides a set of support Programs directed to 3 phases of business development: promoting entrepreneurship, supporting the creation of new businesses and business development.

This crosscutting approach allows the providing of effective support since the business idea development until the development of a market established company. This programs allow a continuous support through a larger time span, with a set of business support services that create a fruitful environment for the creation and development of sustainable new business projects, allowing them a soft landing and to build the needed foundations for success.

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I am convinced that nearly half that what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones is shear perseverance.

Steve Jobs


Semente is a free program to support entrepreneurs that has the support of EDP.


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The main objective of the Project is to boost support for entrepreneurship in the Sea Economy Sector.


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Ações em curso

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program of the Sea and Water Resources.


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Promotion of entrepreneurship by promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.


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Finished Projects

Ações Concluídas

Project M has the objective of enabling 12 women in the pursuit of their business projects, supporting in their definition and providing the needed tools for the development and sustainability of their SME’s.


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Proatividade is an annual business idea contest that, each year, awards the best innovative ideas with a set of crucial tools for their development and implementation. 


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