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Privacy Policy

Sines Tecnopolo - Vasco da Gama Technology-Based Companies Incubation Center Association takes the privacy and protection of personal data provided by its customers, users  or suppliers seriously.

We ensure privacy and security in the data provided for the services provided, only requesting and collecting the data necessary for the provision of the service in accordance with the explicit instructions.

The data subject has the right to obtain access, rectification or deletion of the data provided.

We are committed to ensuring privacy and security so that:

- Data processing is carried out in a lawful and loyal manner, collecting only the information necessary and relevant to the purpose for which it is intended;

- The data subject is given permission to access and correct the information registered about him/her,

- The collected data are not used for incompatible purposes and external to the activity of Sines Tecnopolo, respecting professional secrecy in relation to the data processed;

- The holder's express consent to his data is ensured whenever this is required;

- The right to erase the data used when expressed by the holder is guaranteed.

All employees of Sines Tecnopolo are covered by an obligation of confidentiality regarding the data to which they have access within the scope of their duties, being duly informed of the importance of complying with this legal duty of secrecy.

The privacy policy was defined in accordance with the general principles of the Personal Data Protection Law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Law, the Data Conservation Law and the Citizens' Rights Directive of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

If you detect any non-compliance with this policy, you must report it via email to

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