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Project M

Project M is a women entrepreneur’s support program that has as its main purpose to enable 12 women to succeed in their business projects, aiding in the definition of the same and providing the necessary and most adequate tools for the sustained development of their companies.


Training course “Preparation for the creation and management off small companies”.

This training course has encompasses in its contents the issues of gender equality, management, social relations, leadership and communication and information technologies.



Support Actions for Business Creation and Start-up.


These are consultancy actions aimed at the creation and/or sustainability of companies managed by women, namely through the development of a Business Plan and possible attribution of a start-up prize to the companies.



Supporting the creation and take-off of the company.

Providing consulting service aiming to enable the creation and/or sustainability of businesses created by women, namely through the creation of a Business Plan and a prize to aid in the company’s take-off.

Participants’ Testimonies

“Surpassing the expectations, this project as enabled me to better understand the technical and, above all, personal conditionings to realize the idea. All the collaboration with the Sines Tecnopolo’s team and trainers has been of great importance, for their availability, motivational capacity and technical expertise.”  

Helena Rosa

“It’s an innovative approach with very interesting technological and human resources that give us perspective through dynamic market plans and with the know-how about applicable concepts to our own business. All the technical and human components of Sines Tecnopolo’s team was always present, constant and very successful.”

Flora Gonçalves

“Project M has had a crucial role in attaining knowledge for the present and for the future. It’s being very important because it gives us the tools so we can do our path. Sines Tecnopolo’s team has been amazing.” 

Mafalda Arrais

“M has had a very positive impact in my life, especially on an entrepreneurial level which, most certainly, will be very useful for my project/business idea, for the learning modules provide a clearer view of that field. A very competent team and mindful of our needs, increase the interest and importance of participating in this project.”

Lurdes Palma

“I have learned a lot with Project M. It’s a great opportunity to start a company. Sines Tecnopolo’s team and the trainers tutored and conveyed the concepts successfully.”

Chis Cordelia

“Project M is particularly important in terms of acquiring the necessary skillset for conception, creation and management of any business. In my opinion, the impact is very positive, enriching and motivating, allowing for a clearer view on reality and on the first idea. The selection of the trainers in terms of content and tutoring was crucial for this project’s success. The Sines Tecnopolo’s team involved with the realization of this project has showed to be tireless and always available.”

Fernanda Almeida

“Project M has been, with Sines Tecnopolo’s team and trainers, an interesting dynamic of the covered topics, with real life examples in how to apply the knowledge gained that will be crucial in the fulfillment of the business plan and implementation of my project. I feel I’m growing as a person and as an entrepreneur.”

Cátia Brito

“This project is a great opportunity for professional accomplishment. The teachings provided during the training course have enriched me at a personal and professional level, since the trainers and Sines Tecnopolo’s team, each in their own way, have contributed for a training dynamic that conveyed to each of us the need knowledge and thought process to bring our projects to life. It has indeed surpassed my expectations.”

Diana Vidigal

“Project M has had a very positive impact in my life, I am now more aware of my prospects for the future. My participation in this project was a very rewarding learning experience since it gave me foundations for the future that I didn’t have before. In my perspective, Sines Tecnopolo’s team working on this project is excellent (100%) as well as the trainers. Very good.”

Sónia Guiomar

“The training will have a high impact on my future, both in a personal and professional level since the concepts taught are also useful and applicable to our day-to-day lives. In my understanding to start a business without a professional perspective of the same has much higher risk. Sines Tecnopolo’s team has proven to be very available, effective and with great tools at their disposal. The trainers exceeded my expectations. Overall: High.”

Maria Zambujo

“When I signed up to participate in this project, I went with an idea/expectation that was rapidly put behind. I had some gaps in the financial department, but the created dynamic with the chosen trainers, as well as the concepts addressed managed to fill those gaps. There were some changes in my day-to-day life that promoted the awareness, motivation and drive to consider doing a business project in a short, medium and long-term perspectives, with guarantees that will allow it to operate. The team engaged in the Project has showed high availability, ensuring that everything worked properly. It was Sines Tecnopolo’s team, which made the right selection of trainers with highly motivational capacity, as well as with a great technical know-how. Amazing.”

Tânia Correia

“The effort made by Sines Tecnopolo’s team has enabled me to set foundations, gather disperse parts of me, and provide me the tools to make it happen. The participation in Project M has exceeded my expectations and opened my horizons by perceiving the personal, legal and economic limitations…Regardless of the expectations and even of the future, a synergy was created, and I hope that, form the possible magic, which will be to turn the Dream into a practical and real miracle. I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Andreia Coelho

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