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Associação Centro de Incubação de Empresas de Base Tecnológica Vasco da Gama


Z.I.L. II, Lote 122-A _ 7520-309 Sines _ Portugal    

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Sines Tecnopolo is an incubator certified

by the StartUP Visa program


StartUP Visa is a program that hosts foreign entrepreneurs who wish to develop an entrepreneurship and / or innovation project in Portugal, granting a residence visa or residence permit for entrepreneurial immigrants, with its own regulations.


This program shall apply to:

- Entrepreneurs who wish to develop their entrepreneurial and / or innovative project in Portugal, even if they have not formed a company;

- Or to those who already hold business projects in their country of origin and wish to continue to develop their business in Portugal.

Applicants for a StartUp Visa "must enter into an incubation contract with a new certified incubator [...], provided that they complete, comply with and prove in advance a number of assumptions and requirements submitted to validation and monitoring of IAPMEI, regarding its administrative and financial reality and its entrepreneurial potential when applying and during the contractual program”.


Certified incubators will be entities that welcome entrepreneurial immigrants in the creation and installment of technology-based companies, playing a key role throughout the whole process.


The purpose of incubator certification is to ensure that these entities are able to host citizens from third states, as defined in Administrative Rule no. 344/2017, November 13th. IAPMEI is responsible for the analysis, selection and certification of applications, as well as monitoring the implementation of the program.

Sines Tecnopolo is part of the list of certified incubators. Contact us>

​Entrepreneur’s applications, at international level, may be filled out on the platform available for this purpose.


Sines Tecnopolo

Z.I.L II, Lote 122-A, 7520-309 Sines

Tel _ 269 000 300

Fax _ 269 000 301