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Tender for the Hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources in Business Stimulation


Master's or PhD with proven experience in project management, innovation and technology promotion, with a special focus, if possible, in the area of the economy of the Sea.


Functions to Perform: 

- Creation of the technological incubator's strategic innovation plan; 

- Support for the incubation, innovation and acceleration of projects aimed at the economy of the sea, namely maritime-tourist activities, shipbuilding and ship repair; among others; 

- Provide the institution with support for the entrepreneurship system; 

- R&D skills, aiming to strengthen the interaction between companies and R&D institutions, enhancing the transfer of technology and knowledge, thus promoting new projects and products, in the economy of the sea and energy.  

Selection Criteria:
- Master's degree in the identified areas;
- Possess relevant experience/knowledge:
  - in the organization of projects to raise funds and financial support;
  - evaluation and development of business models;
  - in the promotion of initiatives and events.


The employee will work at Sines Tecnopolo, in Sines.  


Delivery of CV's until 12/17/2021 to:   


Text to be inserted in the subject: Project Funded by Alentejo 2020

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