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Associação Centro de Incubação de Empresas de Base Tecnológica Vasco da Gama


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Sines Tecnopolo provides several spaces with the ideal characteristics for innovative projects. With this new strategy, we intend to promote a dynamic park, through the combination of two types of activity - innovative and technological based projects and creative industries – which enables the exchange of knowledge and skills.

The incubator has as its top priorities to promote and enable an entrepreneurial culture, acting as an enabler for the success of new projects by providing physical or virtual spaces, supporting the project’s promotion in the Sines’ Ecosystem network and by implementing methodologies that allow a successful execution and the sustainability of new businesses.


Types of incubation


It’s a free service and it applies to cases were the idea/project isn’t structured yet, the company hasn’t been created or was created recently (4 months).

This is an idea or project development phase, aiming towards the creation of new companies. Developed in attendance format with a maximum duration of 6 months, in co-work space.

Standard Incubation


Applies to consolidated projects and created companies. Developed in attendance format with a maximum duration of 3 years, in an office or lab, according to the characteristics and needs of the company.


Co-Working Incubation


Applies to all types of project. Developed in attendance format and includes a workstation in a co-working space.

Virtual Incubation


Applies to all types of project. Developed without attendance required, granting access to use our address as the company headquarters and/or physical business base, for activities that don’t require facilities.



For incubation


Sines Tecnopolo has several spaces available for the different types of incubation.

One room for the co-working space with 8 workstations with about 6 m2 each, 25 and 50 m2 offices for standard incubation, a pre-incubation lab with 4 workstations with about 15 m2 each and 67m2 laboratories for standard incubation.

For training, meetings or events


Sines Tecnopolo rents by the hour, half a day or a full day, some of its spaces for meetings, training sessions and other events or activities. To that end, we provide rooms with 25 or 50 m2, labs with 67 m2 or the Conference Room with 77 m2 in our Multipurpose Building.


Installed Entities


Apply for incubation

In order to be eligible to apply for incubation in Sines Tecnopolo, you have to be either an entrepreneur with an innovative business project, a company that wants to be located in Sines or a company already in the region but looking to start new business areas.

The application process for Sines Tecnopolo’s facilities is made through the “Summary Proposal” form that has to be filled and sent to, and accompanied by the documents described below.

After receiving the “Summary Proposal” form, Sines Tecnopolo’s team will analyze the application and may invite the entrepreneur for an interview or ask for external expert advice.

Required documents for the application:


Application for entrepreneurs (company not created):

  • Copy of the identification documents (ID) of all the project’s promotors;

  • Curriculum of all the project’s promotors;

  • Filled “Summary Proposal” form


Application for created companies:

  • Copy of the declaration for the company’s creation;

  • Copy or access code for the Permanent Certificate (Company ID);

  • Copy of the identification documents (ID) of all the company’s partners/managers;

  • Curriculum of all the project’s promotors;

  • Filled “Summary Proposal” form.


Mondays – 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm (GMT)

Tuesdays – 10:00 am to 12:30 pm (GMT)


Joel Gomes _

+351 269 000 300